ESC Series Submersible Centrifugal Pump

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ESC Series Submersible Centrifugal Pump

Product overview 

ESC type three-section no-lift pump, with its unique design, is the most advanced horizontal end-suction pump in the ain conditioning industry at present, featuring no-lift, energy saving, space saving and maintenance saving. ESC pump is a single -stage, single -suction, horizontal centrifugal pump With unique and novel product structure, advanced and reliable performance, stable and durable quality, it is the world's leading energy-saving products. Especially suitable forhvac, air conditioning and other industrial circulation cooling water and other occasions.

The working conditions 
The standard design working pressure of the water pump i
1.6mpa (gray cast iron pump body). The working pressure of the water pump can be increased (1.6mpa or 2.4mpa) by changing the pump body materials (ductile iron, cast stee stainless steel, etc). Pump inlet and outlet flange in accor dance with PN16 gb flange. When ordering, if the working pressure is 1.6MPa or higher, it must be noted; otherwise supply shall be made at the working pressure of 1.6MPa.
Applicable medium: clear water or clean liquid with physica and chemical properties similar to water (such as antifreeze).
Pump conveying liquid in the range of-25℃C to + 110℃, allow conveying liquid temperature depends on the machine and pump seal type.

Pump performance range Flow range: 

30-2100 m³ /h 

Head range: 10-250m 

Outlet diameter: 50m-350mm 

Efficiency: up to 90%
Power: 4-200KW

Pump body 
Most of the pump body size, the use of double vortex shel design, effectively reduce the radial force of the pump impeller This is especially true for big streams.
A baffle disc is designed at the inlet of the pump body, which effectively reduces the prewhirl at low flow and improves the performance at low flow. Thanks to a series of revolutionary and innovative designs, ESC series pumps can operate reliably and safely in a full range of performance.

Product features 
Pump simple structure, compact, small area, is a rapid removal and maintenance of centrifugal pump.
The pump adopts the excellent hydraulic model of GEC, which is characterized by high efficiency, energy saving, stable quality and low noise, and takes the lead in pump performance in the world. The pump can not be loaded in the full performance range, especially suitable for hvac systems, industrial cooling systems and the occasion of variable working conditions.
The pump adopts famous brand mechanical seal to ensure no leakage in long-term operation, thus improving the working environment of the pump station.
The pump adopts the special structure of axial force and radial force balance. Impeller in the assembly before the action balance test and balance, so that the pump shaft force minimum. Not only ensure the smooth and reliable operation of the pump, but also extend the life of the pump mechanical seal and motor shaft bearing.
For small and medium-sized motor maintenance-free imported bearings, do not need to add lubricating oil. For medium and large motor with grease lubrication, can replace the lubricating oil without stopping the machine. Therefore, this type of product is easy to maintain.

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