CDL/CDLF Series Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pump

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CDL/CDLF Series Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pump

Range of application 

Suitable for: domestic water supply, industrial water, fire protection, etc.


Conveying liquid density or motion viscosity greater than waterwill lead to pump pressure, hydraulic performance significantly decreased, and power consumption increased.
In this case, the pump must be equipped with more power motor.

The working conditions 

The pump is composed of a pump base and a pump head, and the runner chamber assembly and the outer simplified body are located between the base and the pump head and fastened by fastening bolts. The inlet and outlet of the pump are located or the base and on the same axis (pipe type).
CDL/CDLF pump equipped with a fully enclosed, air-cooled,2-pole motor, basic size in accordance with EN standards. The capacitance difference conforms to EN6003L 

The range of goul-magnet standard motors has covered a wide range of application requirements, however, for special applications or operating conditions, other customized motor configurations can be provided.
Other customized motor configurations available for specific applications or operating conditions such as: 

Explosion-proof motor approved by ATEX

Motor with anti-condensation heater 
Motor with thermal protection 
Pump conveying liquid in the range of 25 ℃ to + 140 ℃, allow conveying liquid temperature depends on the machine and pump seal type.
Pump performance range 
Flow range: 0.5-180m³/h 
Head range: 8-315m 
Outlet diameter: 25mm-150mm 
Power: 0. 25-90KW 
Motor series: Level 2

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